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Adeel Maya

At Zynda Studios, we are dedicated to helping young people take their first steps in the digital space. I offer mentorship and training, as well as access to a community of like-minded individuals who can help them grow. Through our efforts, we hope to drive innovation and create a supportive environment for those striving to become successful digital professionals.

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What People Think

Fajar Riaz Digital Marketer

At Zynda Art & IT Training, success is just a few steps away. Their unparalleled digital marketing training facility in Lahore offers excellent instruction from experienced instructors to help you reach your goals. Don't delay – join today and take charge of your future!

Arooj Younas 3D Character Modeling

Zynda Art & IT Training in Lahore is the premier authority on animation and modeling, providing unparalleled training led by Sir Adeel Maya - a renowned expert at his craft. For those seeking an authentic expertise in these disciplines, Zynda's offering can't be beaten.

Annas Anwar 3D Animation

With Adeel Maya's inspiring guidance, I was able to turn my hobby into a successful career. After completing the Zynda Art & IT Training program in 3D animation, I gained all of the necessary skills and qualifications required for me to become an expert junior animator - something that would not have been possible without this outstanding organization which is highly praised as one of Lahore's leading Animation Training Centers.

Rabia Ali 3D Modeling

Experience creativity at its finest with Zynda Art & IT Training Institute in Lahore. Learn animation and modeling under the tutelage of renowned teacher, Sir Adeel Maya, who is lauded for his expertise by students across Pakistan!


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