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Zynda Art & IT Training

Mastering 2D Animation - Zynda Art & IT Training
2D Animation

Mastering 2D Animation


Zynda Studios

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Course Overview

Learn to be a master 2D animator, using hand-drawn and digital techniques.


What you’ll learn

  • A brief history of animation.
  • The production process of traditional 2D animation.
  • White Board Animation.
  • Explainer Videos.
  • Overview of equipment required to create 2D animation, traditional and digital.
  • Principles of movement including weight, charting, squash and stretch.
  • How to execute a perfect, pencil-drawn ‘Bouncing Ball’.
  • How to execute a colored, digital bouncing ball in an entertaining vector-based, 
  • How to animate a perfect hand-drawn ‘Generic Walk”.
  • Instruction on drawing techniques for animation.


This course offers the finest foundation material possible here presenting “Mastering 2D Animation”

Each lecture embraces a comprehensive, step-by-step, apprentice-style of instruction, using both classically hand-drawn techniques and vector digital ones. Students should note that the core principles of movement taught in this course material however can always be applied to ALL forms of animation – from ‘3D’ to ‘Stop-frame’, from ‘Cut-out’ to ‘Claymation’!

Who this course is for

  • Suitable for students of all interests 
  • Anyone seeking to make 2D animation his or her career objective.
  • Current students who want to supplement their existing animation course with the most comprehensive animation training available.
  • Existing professional animators who want to raise the level of their own work.
  • Professional artists and illustrators who want to see their drawings move.
  • Animation teachers who want to expand their knowledge of animation knowledge and teaching practices in the classroom.

Why learn from Adeel Maya?

Adeel Maya is a Veteran CG Artist & Animator behind many famous Animated series such as
Burka Avengers
Quaid sy Batian
Allahyar & Legend of Markhor (Pre-Production)
Sim Sim Hamara

Also created animations for AAA Category games such as

Tomb Raider
Clash of Clans
Poker VR
After Burner Black Falcon
and the only Pakistani CG Artist ever to work with Hollywood singer Drake.

He’s been serving the animation industry for the past 16 years and been teaching students from all over the world for the last 9 years.


  • Won First position in Global Game Jam at Fast University Islamabad
  • Won two time best instructor for 3D Animations and Games Artwork
  • Won Peabody Award and Emmy Nominated for the 3D Series He worked on as Technical Director and Lead Animator
  • Won Unreal Epic Award for the 3D Feature film He worked on as Technical Director
  • Made the hit on top chart for Hypercausual game Queen Bee at Mood Game

Mode of Study

  • Live Online Classes
  • Physical Classes
  • Recorded Lectures 
Original price was: ₨30,000.Current price is: ₨25,000.
  • Duration 08
  • Skill Intermediate
  • Available Seats 140
  • Last Update January 31, 2023