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Zynda Art & IT Training

About Us - Zynda Art & IT Training
Zynda Studios was born out of necessity. Adeel Maya an industry professional and art educator noticed that students fresh out of four years at the universities weren’t actually prepared for the industry and the individuals working in gaming and IT industry are stuck in the loop of repeating the same task every single day. Zynda Studios was created to end this cycle once and for all. Zynda studios provides industry-relevant instruction on the entire spectrum of Art and IT , including concept design, 3D Modeling, storytelling, Games, VFX/Films, animation, e-commerce, Digital Marketing and more. You can learn from the best artists and IT professionals in the industry to gain insight on how the top studios and IT industry operate. From foundational skills to specific techniques, Zynda studios offers over 20+ skills-based courses. Through live lectures, homework assignments, and one on one feedback sessions, Zynda studios students create their best work while preparing themselves for their dream job. Zynda studios courses are for everyone:  students, young artists looking for an affordable and skills-based substitution for traditional universities, and established professionals who want to learn the latest tech, workflows, and craft. There is no one way to learn, so choose the courses or track that fit YOUR goals. Whether you need two courses or 20, Zynda Studios gives you the tools to design your path to professional. Learn from the Industry’s Best on your budget, on your time.
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